mixing inverting and non inverting opamps in same circuit

Started by bluelagoon, May 16, 2023, 06:19:52 AM

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Just wondering is it possible and or practical to mix both inverting and non inverting op-amps from within the same IC casing, both running from the same vref bias voltage supply? Like for instance if there were 3 inverted op-amps and 1 non inverted all within a TL074
Is this feasible when all are running from same voltage and vref bias? or even if the 3 inverted had there own vref bias and the non inverted had a separate bias vref, is this possible or practical? Thanks


An op-amp is an op-amp.  That you have four or two in a single package is just a convenience, but irrelevant.  The op-amps don't know.  You can wire them up as inverting or non-inverting amplifiers (or comparators, or integrators, ...) as you wish.  Sharing VREF is also irrelevant.  To the op-amp, it's just a voltage.  It doesn't know what you're using it for.
Ohm's Law - much like Coles Law, but with less cabbage...


Thanks BlueBunny, I think that clears things up a bit, Cheers.