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Started by jordileft, May 10, 2024, 05:02:03 AM

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It's Jordi, I'm the developer of ImageToPCB, not sure if you are familiar with the software.

I'm also a guitar player and DIY aficionado and the idea of developing this software came when trying to get some PCBs manufactured for some DIY pedal projects in an easy way, so I thought about sharing in this forum since I've released a new version.

ImageToPcb is the only software that makes it easy to convert any image to gerber and excellon drill files, ready to send to a PCB manufacturer.

Forget about spending long hours etching and drilling at home, or learning to use complicated CAD software, schematics, layout design,... Simply get your image ready, load it into ImageToPCB, set the pcb size, adjust drill sizes if needed, and export.

ImageToPCB is more than just a converter, most importantly it expands the potential of your design or image.
It unlocks the possibility to easily make improvements and updating your design, as you will be able to make design modifications, add a silkscreen layer, resize drill diameters, create a soldermask layer to protect copper areas and to avoid accidental shorts, convert a single-side design into a double-side or multi-layer design, add and remove connections,... all that just by editing your image or creating additional ones from your base image with your preferred image editor.
It is also a very useful tool for facilitating reverse-engineering.

If you want to know a little more about it, you can check out the website or a simple demo video or another video that one of the last customers made showing how they used ImageToPCB combined with DIY Layout Creator.

I hope you find it useful!

Kind regards,

Jordi Esquerra


Hey Jordi! This sounds like an amazing tool, especially for those of us who love DIY electronics but don't have the time or expertise to use complicated CAD software. Thanks for sharing!