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Stage Center Reverb update/report
« on: October 25, 2003, 08:36:20 PM »
Well,what can I say,it sounds great,the reverb is deep and sourounds you like a nasty fog.
The one well worth mod would be a straight signal and a MIX pot cause this is strictly wet reverb only so as is you would have to plug into another channel or whatever to get a straight signal.The pots although not marked on the schem I have behave like a tone and level.
A well worth the effort project if you need reverb and have a 200 to 300 ohm tank in your tool box.
Beats that phony Dano Corned Beef hands down,this is spring reverb baby!!!!!.
If any of you know how to implement a mix pot without much PCB mangling let me know.
Aharon :D