Author Topic: This should work right? Modding Fox fuzzwa for CV of a BCRM.  (Read 1440 times)


This should work right? Modding Fox fuzzwa for CV of a BCRM.
« on: December 19, 2003, 11:08:59 PM »
OK A friend has a BlackCat Ring Mod and a Foxx Fuzz Wah (lucky stiff)
anyway we were talking about things and it dawned on me that this fuzz wah has two ouputs....So I got to thinking.....
The control pot has one lug tied to ground and the other two going to the Foxx circuit.
Couldn't I use the switch that switches between Wah and Vol, wire it so that on one throw it is used to control the wah sweep....but on the other throw use it to control the Black Cats CV output?
I can't see any problem with this working.
The only Issue I see him having is when he switches back the wah his fancy foot work setting will be lost to whatever the BC is set on the box  for....
Anyway I think this is going to work well for him and what he does....
Sick bastid doesn't even play the guitar through this stuff, he is playing drums!!!! Through a PA with a nasty line6 delay modeler no less....Freaking bloops and blips loops galore....Kinda cool but those pedals would rather be in my rig I tell ya...oh well still fun helping him mess things up  :D

I was also thinking this could be done to any wah or volume pedal with a 3pdt and a stereo jack no? True some drilling would have to be done but I think it might be worth it in the right circumstance.

Might not be the best scenario for alot of things but it may work if you have something you want to control and know you'll never need the wah at the same time and you have room somewhere on the case for a second switch and a second jack...

If anyone has any thoughts on it please share.