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Just Finished!
« on: January 12, 2004, 10:51:36 PM »
First of all Thanks to Aron and Gus!  What an awesome resource this site is!

I put the circuit on a breadboard because I'm still a little intimidated by soldering :)  My only real problem was figuring out the mono input jack I got from Radio Shack.  It has three lugs, two of which have to be wired together when the jack is plugged in.  This is kind of puzzling to me.  I'm at a loss to figure out its practical use.  It seems like exactly the opposite of the TRS trick used to close the circuit using a stereo input jack.

The effect is *very nice*, I think it adds a nice warmth to the tone.  I played it through a Fender Blues Jr. and an old Peavey Audition 20 with a Strat.   Of course in sounded nice through the Blues Jr., but what really surprised me was how much smoother and warmer the Audition 20 sounded.  I consider this amp unusable because it sounds so bad, but it was pleasant through the booster.  I also tried the booster with a Barber S.S. which sounded nice as well.  It made the Barber sound more trashy (but in a good way).  

Thanks again Aron and Gus for making the inaccessible accessible,

Chris R

Just Finished!
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Congrats... now you've gone and got yourself addicted... like the rest of us.

I play the npn boost through my blues jr too... I love that little amp.

good luck... and welcome



Just Finished!
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Oops, this should be in the sticky thread, I must have pressed "new topic" instead of "post reply"



Just Finished!
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Congratulations!!!!!!! ALRIGHT!