Author Topic: Intro and sucess at last!  (Read 3630 times)


Intro and sucess at last!
« on: January 27, 2004, 02:41:26 AM »
Just wanted to intro myself, I've been lurking. Very much a beginner and after reading many of the post in the beginner area I was confident I'd finally get this circuit working... Got it tonight. Built the Muff boast without the diodes and cap for a clean boost. I'm stoked, after literally weeks of pouring over it and hooking it up God knows how many times, I finally etched the board and tonight found I forgot a resistor. Simple project for sure, but for someone who had no clue going in, I managed to get it working and learned quite a lot in the process. Just wanted to say thanks for the forum and I'm hooked on DIY pedals now. Only thing that bums me out is its to late to plug it in to my crate vintage 30 tube amp tonight, oh well, gives me something to look forward to after work tomorrow. Thanks again.



:) :) :)

Ps: Of course I did plug it into my little headphone amp and rocked out for a while, can't wait for the blues club this weekend... heh..
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Intro and sucess at last!
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VERY COOL! Thanks for the report.


Intro and sucess at last!
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Congratulations! :D
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