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Ruby build pics

Started by djmartins2, May 18, 2004, 08:49:32 PM

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Hi all,

Here are a couple of pics of my latest Ruby build.
It is a handmade walnut case with an old computer speaker,
a 9volt battery, purple LED, and the pcb stuffed in it.
It is a tight fit! I used a jrc386 and a mpf102.
What do you think?
It isn't as loud as I expected, but with such a small speaker
I expect it not to be too loud!


PS - sorry for the lack of quality on the pics, cheap digital camera
and an amateur cameraman.....


I love walnut. Really nice.



Very nice Build, and just to think, you can sneak it by Momma without her seeing it :lol:

Jason Stout

Jason Stout

Paul Marossy

Wow! That's very cool.  8)


Ya don't see alotta Walnut around, these days... great job.
That's really hard wood, known for scratch 'n dent resistance.
Convention creates following, following creates convention.



Nice!  It's shaped like a tweed era Fender.  Great work.

Gilles C

WOW! What a beauty.

Congrats for the work.


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Peter Snowberg

That looks really fantastic! 8) 8) 8)

Nice job!

Take care,
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that is quite possibly the coolest mini amp build i have ever seen!

beats my first introduction to them in the cigarette boxes by a mile!

great work!!!



wow, what a great build!
Good stuff.... 8)
Casey Campbell