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OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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CAD system manager - building construction company -
update - now studying singing/tenor (and quite seriously) and still working.


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Up until six months ago I was working as an Environmental Health & Safety Engineer. Since then I've "jumped ship" and started into tech writing for an enigineering firm. So that means not only do I get to read all the exciting test methods and data plots but I also have to understand them. Now that I said that I have noticed some serious grammer and punctuation mistakes here at the forum. Please wake me up if you have any questions concerning your next post. :wink:


PB Wilson

OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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I'm an elementary school teacher. Great job in a great district. I get paid for opening the minds of youngsters (although I still feel like a youngster myself). Yes, there are the typical problems of administration and the brilliant "No child left behind" garbage dropped on our doorstep  :roll: , but 99% of the time I feel like my own boss. I get to develop curriculum and teach it the way I choose. Excellent for the mind. I began looking for a new challenge last year and got into fx building. Earlier in the year I shared a handful of my pedals with my class and they loved hearing the different sounds. I'm even going to build a pedal with one of my former students next week. I remember the day when he told me that he just learned "Highway to Hell." I hope to get him hooked on this excellent hobby to make noise and disturb the neighbors, just like every good kid should! :twisted:

D Wagner

OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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I'm a land surveyor and AutoCAD department manager for a large engineering firm based out of Atlanta.

The AutoCAD background makes it fairly easy for me to design my own PCBs.  I wish it did autorouting!

Mark Hammer

OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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I'm a developmental psychologist by training and mentality, but fall under the classification of "economist/statistician" and "senior research analyst" in the Canadian federal government.  My job is to feed senior management of central agencies (those ministries and depts that oversee all the others or provide common services) with the best intelligence on human resource management that they can get.  By virtue of my survey chops, I tend to get called in on a number of things that aren't necessarily the responsibility of the department where I work.  Right now, I'm working on a plan to track the "migration patterns" of IT workers (loosely defined) in government via an exit survey (something they fill out when they *leave* a job), and presenting some work at a conference next week on how perceptions of employer fairness change the longer you work in a place.  

I also taught university on full-time and part-time capacities from 1987 until 2002.  Brought a drum machine to class in 1992 and had it programmed to do rim shots.  Any time I thought I said something funny, I hit the play button.  The girl who asked me to audio-tape that lecture because she couldn't make it never knew what hit her.  Brought my tweed Princeton to class along with a delay line in 1999 to demonstrate audio illusions and use of arrival times as cues for physical space.  When it comes to teaching aids, I'm not sure solid-state and tube amps differ much, but it sure made some of the tongues in the back of the room hang out.

Electronics entered my bloodstream via my first two degrees.  Animal research in psychology demands use of electronic measurement gear, and a least a minimal understanding of both analog and digital systems.  I first learned about cascaded gain systems when learning how to use a polygraph in 1974.  Built my first FET booster preamp into the sculpted headcap of a lab rat in 1976. to run EEG signals over long cables to a recorder and scope in another room.  Had to take a course in assembly language programming and microprocessor interfacing in 1982 in the psychology department as part of my masters degree.

"Life's been good to me so far" - Joe Walsh


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Occupation:  Father and husband

Job:             Systems Analyst

Degree:       B.S. Computer Science (1982)

Other:          Took enough Spanish in college that they wouldn't let me take any more unless I declared it as my major!  Started out as a Biology major, but came to my senses.  High school physics teacher once proclaimed that I could someday build a computer, but never program it!  I got the last laugh -- thanks to my degree and the electronics knowledge I've gained over the years, I can now do both.

Passions: Guitar, bass, analog DIY effects, rock and roll!

Paul Marossy

OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Mechanical Engineer in the work day (I'm not a PE).
Amp/stompbox builder-guitar tweaker-noodler in the evenings.
Church musician, where I actually play in front of people. :shock:

EDIT: Oh yeah, I'm also a full time husband and father of two -  a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old.


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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I've been administering a Human Resources department for the last four years, while completing an associate's degree in computer network administration. I've just graduated, so I intend to make a change soon. Also the father of two and husband of one.   :D


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Day job:

Engineering Technician III
Public Works/Engineering/Countywide Construction
Hillsborough County Florida

We build(or fix) roads, bridges, guardrail, & sidewalks, etc..
I'm a basic do-boy for the engineers. Web searches for materials, surveying and inspecting, or any of the un-glamourous leg-work sort of things.

Night job:

Guitar player/singer for the last 21+ years in many a dirty sh**hole entertaining the great toothless, unwashed masses.




OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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WOW - Very impressed with the variety  of backgrounds and skills.

As for myself -

Occupation - Father, Husband - three great kids - 24-22-14
Education - Engineering - all kinds of diplomas

Working at a large medical center and develop revenue models based on the contracts we have with various insurance companies.  Also manage a rather large Decision Support System - doing both clinical and financal business models.  At times its alot of fun and other times----------

Was adjunct profeesor at several NYC universities - the coolest was at Columbia University - I taught there but as a high school grad I couldn't get in.  Now ain't that a twist.

Doing this effect stuff and also restore and build solid body guitars.  Just completed a restoration of two Hagstrom guitars and now starting a rebuild of a 65 Mustang.  Really like the research into the guitar and understanding how and why it was built that way.  Background is in woodworking - father was a master joiner - so growing up you had to help and learn.  I don't regret it at all.  Also am a part time brewer at a local pub - all the beer I can drink - yes yes research.



OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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My day job is database consultant (specialized in Oracle and datawarehouse).  I have a information technology degree from university.  I come from a business school and therefore, know all of the crap that management do.



OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Well, let's see:

Occupation: Computer science student (final stages, hopefully).

Job(s): I service computers (hardware/software/networks), repair home appliances, software design/programming (Delphi/Java/C++, etc), database management, and about any other task to get some "financial backup" :). Lately i've been doing some guitar/bass setups and fx repairing, as well.

Just trying to make ends meet :D
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My job
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By day:

Software Engineer designing automotive diagnostic systems for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  We don't work with MB directly... our systems are designed for independent repair shops.

By night, and on weekends:

Daddy of three great kids, ages 6, 3, and 18 months.  Needless to say, that puts a damper on the guitar playing and fx building.  18 month old boys and 750 degree soldering irons don't need to be in the same room together.  Or for that matter, he's a little rough on the guitars too. :-)  I let them play with my mexi-strat and my Yamaha acoustic, but the Tom Anderson Classic T and the Martin SPD-16R stay in their cases most of the time.  Sort of a shame, but once they're old enough to show a little restraint, I think I might get 'em a Baby Taylor or something...



OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry in a low-grade urban University.

 :lol:  :D  :)  :shock:  :(  :cry:

Arn C.

OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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My name is Arn Conklin
I live just below Albany NY in the Catskill Mountains.  I spent 1/3 of my life in New Brunswick Canada-party on eh....

I am an electronic technician/machine repairist  at a production plant in Woodstock, NY. thanks to the training I received from 7 years in the USAF and a lot of reading.

I also have 2 children (25 and 19) and 2 grandchildren both boys (7 and 4 1/2) and one more on the way.

I am in 2 bands:
One is a duet with my fiancee-"ARIZONA" -no cd's yet-in process-
One is a folk blues band-"The Tom Gibson Band"-one cd, another in process-

I play keys, banjo, mandolin, acoustic 6 and 12, electric guitar and bass, electric guitar with slide and I always seem to have a loaded harmonica holder around my neck(thanks to Bob Dylan and Neil Young).

My hobbies are building and repairing amps, effects, and repairing and set ups on guitars.   I also water ski, snow ski and play basketball.

Arn C.


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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I am a profesional Body Piercer.
I originally went to school and recieved a degree in History to be a high-school hostory teacher.  Ow well.

Rain Dog

OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Cool thread!

I am also an Engineering Technician. I have a degree in physics form the 80's that I have completely forgotten. I work as an electro-mechanical fixture and prototyping designer/builder for Hewlett Packard. Most of my work is done right here at my CAD workstation.

I also did a tour in the USAF as a radar and electronic jamming systems technician.
This space for rent.

Gilles C

OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Technical Services technician for Canada Post.


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Technical Support Engineer
Mainly managing and configuring Cisco routers


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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DSP Systems and Software Engineer by day
Stompbox builder and amateur guitar builder when I can.