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OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Musician  :wink:

I write music for local commercials, work in a post-production studio. Play in local bands etc...etc...

Before that, software engineer for music software company.


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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I wanna go to work as Gein's Assitant, I know what those girl's are getting Pierced,  :shock:  :D  :twisted: ,


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Quote from: JD
I wanna go to work as Gein's Assitant, I know what those girl's are getting Pierced...
That would seem to be a double-edged sword to me, I know what those guys are getting pierced also.. :P  :P




OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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The name's Dave Stockett and I'm a biology researcher for a biotech company in South San Francisco focused on drug discovery.

And my wife and I are expecting our first child--a son!--in about a month and a half. Good times ahead.


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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My name is Krister ├ľstman.
I work in a papper mill servicing controller systems, and machines.
I got two kids, they're 5 and 1,5uF(sorry bout that, I mean years :lol: )


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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High school junior :-D

This summer I should be doing some reaseach in an Enegeering lab on  gas sensors.  I was going to do magneto-resistance, but that never worked out.  The whole time I was thinking Magnetic tremolo...Magnetic tremolo...Magnetic tremolo


It seems that most of the guys here are engeneers of some sort.  Not surprising :-D

Tony Forestiere

OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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My name IS Tony Forestiere :!:
I work with the most hated office equiptment known to mankind...the office copier :lol:
I am called a "Technical Support Specialist" for a LARGE Canon copier dealership in Va. Beach, VA. I am versed in mechanical concepts, electronic troubleshooting, software support, network connectivity, CUSStomer relations and skills, vendor relations, am a Canon certified instuctor...and I don't have a single piece of paper or degree saying I can do any of this 8) I find my career challenging and am well compensated.

Father of four (21,19,17,13), married for 22 years, none of my kids is pregnant, in jail, on drugs, or in Al-Queida :wink:
I think this forum and community is the Greatest thing since sliced bread!

Thank you all, and Aron for allowing me to join you.

All the best,
"Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together." Carl Zwanzig
"Whoso neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead for the future." Euripides
"Friends don't let friends use Windows." Me


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Sounds like everyone is in the computer -engineering - ect kinda field.. I just wanna play guitar, be a good dad/husband, make effects (all of them) :lol:  and someday (soon?) sell a book.

Is anyone here in an unrelated field? Artists, Cooks, Factory Workers? ect..? Or am i just with a bunch of smart people :lol:  Seriously though, Congrats to everyone. Sounds like theres a lot of people here who have worked really hard to get such titles. Im very impressed.
"I think somebody should come up with a way to breed a very large shrimp. That way, you could ride him, then after you camped at night, you could eat him. How about it, science?"


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Like Gilles in Montreal, I too am a tech at Canada Post. Have been doing live sound mixing for the last 30 years and playing bass for the last 9.
More dynamics????? I'm playing as loud as I can!


I'm different.
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Well I am a Registered Nurse jimbob.  I am also a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psychiatry.  Working on getting my Nurse Practioner.  

I also have been to many a cooking school in asia and USA.  Gotta have a back up plan. :D

Been told I cook the best steaks known to man.

I can talk you out of suicide and then feed you a hell of a dinner!   :D

Don't laugh, I've actually done this with a few folks. :D


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OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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DSP Software Engineer for company specialising in broadcast mixing consoles by day.

Married with 3 daughters - my ultimate aim is to get an electricity supply into my garage at the end of the garden so I can retire there every night to create analogue mayhem.

Oh and I play guitar for The Bungo Ponies :wink:


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Thought this would be a good place to make my first post after lurking for some time...

BS Electronics Technology/minor in Music (theory/comp).  Put it all to use at one time or another.

Played in a rock band for a few years for a living then got a gig as an electronics tech in a music store. Later worked for a Motorola service center as an electronic tech for 11 years.

Went back to school and just a few classes shy of a computer science degree (but probably won't finish). I've worked as a programmer and unix sys admin for a publishing/syndication company for the last five years. I also edit a print magazine...

I still play in a few bands (guitar in two, drums in another) and am currently writing music for a solo piano CD that I plan to release within the next year.

Just now getting back into electronics as a hobby. Built an LP2 and really had a blast doing it. It's a lot more fun building stompboxes than it is fixing two-way radios...


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OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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MD - Internal Medicine since 1994.  Playing guitar since 1971 - had to sneak it out of my sister's room till I got a crappy acoustic of my own.  My first electric was a HagstromIII that I got for $75.  I loved that neck.  My dad and I painted it blue with black sunburst-style trim (fugly).  He is an EE and taught me how to solder when I was ~13.  When I turned 16 I got a Gibson SG junior for $125.  Neck was slightly bowed but a great sound.  Next I traded up for a Gibson L6S cuz Daryl Stuermer had one.  Had that till my second year of college. ( BTW disco STILL sucks.)  Then I got a post-CBS Strat by way of trade.  I've been trying to find the ultimate strat ever since.  My ideal rig would be a good strat and a fender super six.  I have about 15 actually-boxed homemade pedals, and quite a few I don't think will get boxed.  Honestly, I'd be happiest twiddling with music, effects full-time, but it ain't gonna happen.

doug deeper

OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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guitar center...
i sell pedals...and picks...


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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i'm also a tech/EE.
But i'm just into music. i play guitar in 3 bands. And i work as a guitar tech, doing setups, fixing/calibrating, designing and building instruments, winding pickups and tranformers, building moding fxs, and tube amps.
I'm not into alcohol/cigars/drugs, but have to admit...this forum is the perfect drug!!. I'm addicted to this forum. Thanks guys!!.
PS: it's also a personal psychologist...all the days problem go away when i'm here...thanks again!


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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I'm a sophomore in college; four more finals until I'm a junior. I'm studying EE and Computer Science, and hopefully I'll be able to stick around for a fourth year and get a master's in EE. Otherwise I think I'll be getting some type of tech job in a year.

This summer I'll hopefully have an internship doing internet client/server programming back home (pretty boring I think)... next year I'll be a teaching assistant for a programming class here.

donald stringer

what do we do for a living?
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I am a sheetmetal mechanic 19 years and counting with the same company. I have built many custom kitchen range hoods and exhaust system. We specalize in custom sheetmetal products. Wallace sheetmetal works has been one of those fortunate small companies to have made it this past 100 years [almost. It started out as a blacksmith shop, was purchased by Joseph Pendergrass in 1954 for the outragous sum of 1200 dollars.Doesnt   Seem like a lot but that was all the money he had to his name, landed a contract at milliken industry and with the 4 machines he had to his name started working his own company. There is a lot of history there. My specialty is copper, bay windows,any custom orders[even stills,purely for medicinal use only you understand. I designed and installed an24 foot copper dome roof[56] separate panelsand currently working on a cable covering for the water tank at callaway gardensit will be installed within the next month or two,so if your ever there and see those odd covering on the tank that is my work. Seems like callaway gardens officials thuoght the cables were an eyesore. Besides all that building these gadgits and trying to learn how to play my guitar is my stress breaking hobby..........................My most recent quest is the total debugging of my thanks to spybot I unloaded no less than 80 spyware/virus/hotbrs/ etc.....Yesterday thanks to cwshreddar .com I corrected that mysterious missing msinfo file that really wasnt missing at all but was part of some kind of spyware. Dont these people with all that intelligence to create these viruse have anything  better to do with there time...I am troublerat by my def. a humble life form seeking its living in the lower places of the earth and yes sometimes under foot. This is an ecectic gathering of minds on this forum to be sure. and is truly one of the nicer ones.


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Ed de Jager,full time potter/moldmaker.
Part time guitarist with Los Romanticos.Hoping to get our first CD done later this year.
Father of 2 sons,8 and 11 years old.The oldest plays the drums and the youngest is learning some guitar now.
My wife plays the bass in a punk band.


OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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Corporate International Tax Analyst and Certified Public Accountant.  Semi-retired from playing out in clubs in the area - my two boys now take (or rather, demand) most of my non-working time.  Thankfully they're in bed by 9 so I can have a few hours of tinkering at my bench.


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OT (Sorry) - What's your job?
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I have a job to get out of bed in the morning, and these days I have a job actually getting to the forum on a regular basis.