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Adaptor Questions
« on: June 10, 2004, 01:24:20 PM »
I had a 9.6v batteries charger adaptor,it is a right adaptor.Another ? is why my adaptor shown 9v but it produces about 15.65v.Isn't Zener Diodes low down the voltages? because i recently decrease the voltages with Zener Diodes for my 15.65v adaptor with 9.1v zener diode but the result is the voltages was 4.5v.I connected it in the right way,the cathode of ZD at the (+) of the adaptor in parallel. :!:


Adaptor Questions
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It's unregulated, that's why it's so high. Actually it should be fine with the circuit provided the components (capacitors and transistor) can handle the voltage. No need to drop it down I believe.


Re: Adaptor Questions
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You can use IC for this adapter.Capacitor will be right one.