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anyone got any ideas for a simple MN3007 delay circuit?? i only need info on how this chip operates and how to get adjustable delay from its output.... just the circuit of MN3007.... in short,how to utilize it...just gonna use the output as a delayed signal from the orig signal... :roll:

 thnks :)

Rob Strand:
There's many example around, look through the schematics.

A good starts is to use the delay and filter from the Boss CE-2 and the clock generator from the Boss DM-2.  You can tinker with the filters if you find the CE-2 has too much HF roll-off, but really it should be OK.  If you don't want to use a MN310x clock chip perhaps look at the 4046 from John Hollis's designs.

Is there a replacement for the MN3007 ?

ok.... got one here from hammer.ampage site.... a delay using MN3007 and MN3101...  my qeustion is: is the output signal the same in amplitude with the input?? considering i just use MN3007 and MN3101 circuit without signal buffers on the input and output side of the BBD?

That's not gonna work, you need at least some input buffering and lowpass filtering at the ouput.

If you want something simple, use the PT2399 delay chip. The Rebote 2 delay works nice and it is a simple build. You can find it at Tonepad.




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