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Paul Marossy:
What is it? A quad opamp or? Is there an equivalent chip for this? I couldn't find any technical data on it on the web and NTE electronics doesn't have it in their cross reference, either...
Can I get a little help here, please?!?  :lol:

Dan N:
Punch RC4136 into google and there are some data sheets for this quad opamp.

Paul Marossy:
Thanks. So I could probably use a quad opamp that I have lying around.

I have a quad lying around also and have not an idea what to do with it.
   Not too bad a mistake at 1.39 @R.S....even better if I find a use for it.
  Something about intermodulations makes these quads less desirable for some usualuses I read.

Paul Perry (Frostwave):
Looks good, lie a 741 but lower noise, wider voltage range, better behaved. BUT, wacky pinout!!


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