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I don't know if it's MOJO or not, but instead of regular diodes for clipping, use a transistor with the base shorted to the collector.
It'll sound different enough (threshold voltage goes down as more voltage hits it) that you can claim some whiz-bang technology where only innocent-looking transistors reside.  :icon_wink:

Or, how about build a Fuzz Face but instead of NOS Ge transistors, use hand-crafted point-contact germanium transistors just like the Bell Labs guys built back in the day!

Hey, if that french guy can build his own triodes, we can make our own trannies, amirite?

Looks like it's possible to  build your own diodes: (pages 16-20) transistors shouldn't be too hard.

Ooh the mojo... so thick you can taste it...

EDIT: In my searches on the web, I found out that someone named "Andrew Wylie" (Mister Transistor) had an article at his homepage on homemade transistors.
Unfortunately, Ourworld was shut down on July of this year. Hopefully Mister Transistor hasn't disappeared, anybody know his whereabouts?
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Ready rolled caps:

molded... So:



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What is the Capacitor voltage rates of byoc reverb 2?


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Re: Funny "MOJO" stuff
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Little thing to add athmosphere of more luxury amp