Author Topic: Passive Routing Switch Loop pair with Boss LS-2  (Read 124 times)


Passive Routing Switch Loop pair with Boss LS-2
« on: March 11, 2021, 09:52:28 PM »
Hi guys, KZ here. Just joined the forum to ask for some tips/guide, and I'm kind of wet behind the ears.

I'm planning a passive routing footswitch to pair with my boss LS-2 (A+B mix mode) so that I can switch between series/parallel signal chain & sometimes stack my pedals in AB or BA order.
Need an alternative suggestion on how to resolve the logical issue that will be encountered in Switch 2 (if accidentally triggered while Switch 1 is still off/bypassed)

Also is it possible to use purely 3pdt switches for this only and have the option to add LED indicators for both switches to know when one is turned on or off? Or is this config more efficient with 4pdt switches?

I'm also kind of wary of how the whole circuit should be grounded as I want to avoid any potential ground loops when performing any one of these switches.