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47uF capacitor
« on: November 07, 2004, 11:54:35 AM »
can someone tell me why Aron didn't place the 47uF capacitor ? I checked the second step of the project :( . Is the transistor a thing where you put the button of the pedal ? So i should plug the 47uF capacitor in the transistor ? Is it really a plug or i must use wires to plug it ?


47uF capacitor
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The 47uF capacitor gets soldered to the 5k potentiometer.

The positive side of the capacitor goes to the middle lug (wiper) of the potentiometer and the negative side goes to the outside lug that is connected to ground.
Be sure to check the capacitor body for a polarity marking (+ or - with an arrow pointing to one of the leads).

You will need to check around to see how to incorporate a footswitch into the circuit. There are different ways to do it depending on what switch you have and whether you want an LED indicator.

Check around to see exactly how to wire up the in/out jacks also.

Study the info in the links at the top of the page (DIY FAQ, GEO FAQ, AMZ, GEOFEX, AMPAGE) and search the forum threads. You should have no problem finding the answers you need.

Take your time and learn alot of the basics before you get started building to minimize frustration and headaches.