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scrambler output level?
« on: November 22, 2004, 12:52:06 PM »

I have been working on an ampeg scrambler clone and it seems to work ok EXCEPT that the output level is relaltively low. it measurses just over .5 volts peak to peak when the blend is max to the distorted side.

The output is much higher when blended to the clean side. (varies depending on input voltage). But no matter what the input voltage is the output never goes beyond the .5 vpp when on the distorted end of the blend control.

Is this normal for this circuit?



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scrambler output level?
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No, that definitely sounds like there is something awry.  Mine is loud throughout the travel of the blend pot.  I'd double-check all the component values.  If you do not have the Audio-Probe, check out GEOFEX for how to make one, it's easy.  I even prefer it for debugging to my oscilloscope.  Using one of those may clue you into where the circuit is losing volume.