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VACTEC/Vactrol Opto Coupler?


Electronics goldmine has some Vactrol optocouplers (clicky the link for more specifics) for sale - I ordered a couple with some other stuff I ordered there for some non-guitar-related-tinkering projects, wondering if they'd make a suitable replacement for the CLM6000 (or whatever it is - don't remember the number off the top of my head) in some Anderton projects, or be of some use in pedal-ry.  My package is still at the post-office, (missed it on Friday, worked Saturday, and then Sunday and the holiday kept me from picking it up) but even when I get it I won't be able to try them in anything for a while, so I was wondering - are these doable parts for projects?  I was thinking of ordering some more if so, cause EG tends to have things come and go and I think this might be a sale price, so I'd not be able to realize they're just what I wanted and then not be able to get more from there, and I'm probably making another order in a day or so anyway . . .

Steve C:
According to Small Bear the VTL 5C3 is the replacement for the CLM6000.


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