Quietting hiss and white noise of ROG Omega?

Started by YouAre, September 29, 2010, 03:40:34 PM

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I know that on BJT based boosters/fuzzes/anything, you can quiet down the noise of transistors by putting a 10-47pf cap across the emitter and collector. But since the ROG Omega is FET based, is there a similarly applicable "trick" for FET based pedals? Would connecting a cap from drain to source perform a similar function?

Important details about the pedal. It's in an enclosure, and adds more noise than a commercial OD-808 and a DIY octane fuzz. The octane fuzz has the cap from E to C on all transistors. The Omega is hissier than both of those pedals at similar gain settings.


I know SOMEONE'S gotta have an idea about this!

B Tremblay

Mine is quiet and I don't recall others reporting such noise from the circuit.
B Tremblay


It's definitely attributed to the lousy power in my house. It makes any gain/boost slightly hissy. But when using BJT, i tried the aforementioned cap trick, and we were  golden.


I also have noisy power at home, but to silence things I run my pedals and pc through a desktop ups which conditions the line's power. I had some old ones lying around at work that I have been using but you should be able to get a new one for about 30-40 euros. Please note these UPS's normally only last max 2 years before the batttery dies and you need to by a new one.


  Lots of ideas, hopefully as many as there are possible sources of input, or at least the input that matters this time.
  Battery eliminates power supply issues, if a difference is noticed compared to PS, then the PS can be improved upon.
  Hum is associated with 60 cycle AC and other AC, I think it's hard to get 'hiss' out of house power.
Convention creates following, following creates convention.


I feel embarrassed. I shouldn't have even hit "New Topic" until I put in some power supply filtering caps. I supposed I should try that now  :D


Yes, those caps should help. Also try using shielded cable for the in/out stuff, and if you're using a single coil guitar, shield that too. :D