Cricket Cab Time

Started by newfish, October 08, 2010, 08:52:10 AM

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After having built the excellent Noisy Cricket touse as a test / practice amp,  I'd like to have a suitable 'shed-built' cab to use with it.

I already have an 8", 4 Ohm driver from an old Epi VJ (now upgraded to a Jensen driver).

I have the glue drying on the cab as I type this.  What I'd like to know is whether I can safely put an impedance switch on the back of the cab.

My plan would be touse a DPDT switch to give a 'straight-through' 4 Ohm connection, with the ability to switch in a 12R resistor to give an effective 16 Ohms load.  The resistor would be of a 1 Watt rating for 'over-engineering'.

The big question is this - would this be a silly thing to do?

p.s. today, I learned that my soldering is neater than my joinery...  :icon_wink:
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