Let me introduce you to Dr.Boogey

Started by electrictabs, January 17, 2005, 09:42:14 AM

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Um, is there a guys head in that valve? (your avatar)



How could he fit inside mini tube  ???
Just kidding :)
The new version of DIY Layout Creator is out, check it out here


I tinkered around with madbeans Chunk Chunk layout. Maybe someone wants to use this:

Madbean Chunk Chunk (Dr. Boogie) with voltage doubler


- to be able to use 3 Pin PCB connectors for each pot. I moved the holes away from the caps. But you can't use 12 pin connectors only 3 pin.
- C20 has now 5mm contact spacing like C14.
- voltage doubler added (part list: http://forum.musikding.de/cpg/displayimage.php?pid=2792&fullsize=1)