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What is LDR?
« on: February 13, 2005, 08:58:18 AM »
I have a Roland AS-1 Sustainer shows a LDR 70ohm resistance under "incandescent source". I think it stands for light dependet resistor.
But nothing appears in the MOUSER catalog. What is a current replacement for the same item?


What is LDR?
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That is what they are,  light dependet resistors. I got mine from Steve at SmallBear.


What is LDR?
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Heres the link for Small bear. See if there is anything that would be about right.





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What is LDR?
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That AS-1 seems like a nice semi-vintage build :-)
Can we see the schematic?

About the LDR's: is selling following types of 'Fotowiderstand':

A: 20 Ohm - 0,2 MOhm
B: 250 Ohm - 0,9 MOhm
C: 170 Ohm - 1 MOhm

And is selling 'Fotowiderstände' which have resistance range between 75-300 Ohm @ 1000 lx(?), and
10 Mohm @ 0 lx.

There are also some other types, which seem less interesting, with the resistance range from

A:  28 K Ohm  @ 10 Lx  -  1.4 K Ohm
B: 8,3 K Ohm - 85 K Ohm
C  8.0 K OHm - 100 K OHm

Well, its your choice...


p.s. If that AS-1 schematic is too shy to show in public, you can also mail it to me :-)


as 1 schematic
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I am looking for a "supersustain" type of pedal that does not have a lot of distortion such as Proco Rat or Fuzz Face... I have not HEARD the roland supersustain AS-1, I have only read the review of the above pedal at Harmony Central. If anyone has heard the pedal thru a tube amp, please give a definiiive review of the sound. Thanks


What is LDR?
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AS1 sustainer
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I don't know if he was pushing the sound thru a strong tube amp. It sounded
like a solid state amp. That makes a huge difference in sound. But thanks for the sample. Maybe build this pedal and a fuzz face clone and A/B them.