Cab sim gain (ROG guys, I could really use your help...)

Started by FeDomic, June 07, 2005, 12:24:36 AM

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I'm currently modifying the Condor Cab Sim so it can use a bipolar +/-12V supply to increase headroom and replaced the FET stage with an opamp one (to improve linearity).
Due to unknown reasons (at least to me) Microcap hasn't let me simulate the FET stage in order to measure it's gain, and I can't remember how to calculate it by hand.
The thing is, how much gain (MAX gain) should a cab sim have? I've thinking that as most soundcard line in inputs have a 2 volt max input, I should set the cab sim gain so that my DiMarzio ToneZone can't clip the input (the ToneZone has something like 0.3V output).
Thanks in advance...

PS: If Sebastián Tepper reads this, I'm modifying this circuit to use it on my IEE2172 project...


can tyou send me you microcap files ,
( i have MC7 version)
i'll see if i can arrange that for you.
For your gain, the best is to add a pot. so to give
more flaxibility to your pedal. You will need +/- gain
depending on guitar pickups, pedal used etc...
That's what i have done for my Marshall CAbsim.
take a look in the middle of my page:

send me your MC files..., christian