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Boss DS-1 Mods
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bryantbr: nothing aimed at you here. Everybody is human and forgets about things like that. I'm not the forum police either, not a moderator, not my forum. There does exist some double standard with what is posted, but there are rules, like em' or not.

And we can't see each other's faces or expressions, so sometimes things (words) are mistaken.

There have been some events recently on the forum that havent been pleasant. Torchy being threatened by "someone" is one such event. Then the "myclone amp" thread. Like Doug Hammond said, things are starting to get wierd around here. No kidding! This forum is 95% awesome..... a pearl island in a sea of shit. We look at it like a great place to learn about a fun hobby. Others look at it more as easy money to be made of others work.

When lurkers or newcomers see someone do such things so freely, it invites more to follow in their footsteps. You forgot, and publicly offered mod sheets to someone for free. Some of the wrong type of people might take that as normal business around here. Experienced formites like RG and Aron know that if doesn't take much to slide a good forum to the darkside.

I guess that I'm greatfull and protective (too much, maybe) of a great forum.

I already apologized to Aron and Peter. They run this forum just fine by themselves.
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Boss DS-1 Mods
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OK you guys..... take a deeeeeeep puff.

I think we're done with this thread. :|
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