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Breadboard vs. Perfboard
« on: May 01, 2005, 12:36:20 PM »
I'm a complete beginner to electronic circuit building, and I'm not sure which to get. I've heard a lot of people hear talk about doing this project on breadboard, but the parts list suggests perfboard. Which should I get, and what are the differences?


Breadboard vs. Perfboard
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breadboard is the no-solder version of stripboard. it is for testing circuits.

stripboard is a circuit board where the holes are all in lines, and one line connects every single hole in that line.

perfboard is what you want for this project. it has holes arranged in a repeating square patter, and none of them are connected.


Breadboard vs. Perfboard
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Get both! Test & modify circuits on breadboard, then build permanent circuit on perfboard.


Breadboard vs. Perfboard
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R.G. has an awesome list of just about any possible way to wire up an effect. It's definitely worth a read.