Author Topic: ^$&%$@! EA Trem fixed!!!  (Read 4402 times)


Re: NEVER trust a post on the web...
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Quote from: puretube
glad it worx - enjoy it!

Likewise!  :)
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^$&%$@! EA Trem fixed!!!
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I am going to but some 2N5088 and 5089 arent the pinouts the same? Central is much more expensive than Fairchild I was going to go with Fairchild? These have an average of 400hfe :lol:  Good for what I like..
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^$&%$@! EA Trem fixed!!!
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Sorry guys for the mass confusion... I tend to do that in everyday life: not explain where I am, figuring everyone's on the same page. Oh well, again, thanks for the help... Mmmmmm EA Trem goodness.