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ProCo Brat Mods?
« on: July 14, 2005, 11:14:02 PM »
Hi gang!

New here but somewhat experienced with playing with electricity and electronics (ok nubbly experienced but at least a little)  I found this site off of DIY and have really loved all the advice and schematics.  One quick question though.  I bread boarded out a Tube (S)Reamer a bit back (got the schematics from runoffgroove of course :D) and I liked it so much I jsut HAD to show it too my bands guitarist (Im the drummer) and he freaked :D  he ahs since asked me if I can MOD his ProCo Brat pedal since he has also heard a sucessful mod of my Crybaby Wah.  I've searched all over the net and havent been able to find a darn thing about modding the Brat.  I'm tempted to build a tone probe and go through the painstaking process of tracing the signal and finding which parts would be amusing to replace.  Have any of you ever modded or heard of mods for the Brat?

Thanks in advance!

(Dont you just love parenthesis???? I DO!)