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Peter Snowberg

AVR based guitar tuner
« on: February 22, 2006, 02:06:03 PM »
I found this cool link this morning:

...more cool stuff on the rest of the site:
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Re: AVR based guitar tuner
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Cool link, Peter. My head is spinning with the DSP explosion currently happening here. I barely know enough about this stuff to be dangerous. And, that digital tuner just reminded me of something I wanted to try to do a long time ago, but thought... naaah, I could never do that... until now, maybe?

When I first started building circuits, I remember staring at my boss tuner and thinking it would be cool to be able to split the guitar's fretboard in a similar way as can be done with lots of electronic keyboards, and be able to apply one effect to the upper register and a different effect to the lower register. Of course, it wouldn't be like everything above the 7th fret has one effect and everything below the 7th fret has a different effect. But, the first question is... Could the PIC in that tuner project be used to flip a switch based on the input frequency?

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Re: AVR based guitar tuner
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The function is your friend.

Search criteria: AVR tuner

Ha ha, got to do it to Peter. Anyways read the above thread for cavets and possible resolution.