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Cereal box themed pedals
« on: May 09, 2023, 05:10:53 AM »
Made three pedals on the cereal box theme now, my first attempts at applying art to pedals, really pleased with how they've turned out!

Applying the decals has been a bit of a learning process, had to re-do the Tremobix one as it bubbled up all over the place, think I applied too thick layer of clearcloat.  They all have little bubbles which aren't noticable unless you stare at them thankfully.  Think I just need to go really steady on the clearcoat.  I'd never spray painted anything before doing these.

Also did a veroboard version of the Super hard on which sounds better than the kit build pictured here.  Gave that one to my brother as a present.


Re: Cereal box themed pedals
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Sorry, should have posted in the pictures mega-thread, which I have now done.

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