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Started by Hal, August 23, 2005, 01:58:47 PM

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Thank you!
Yes, the sound is very good. This is my opinion and the opinion of the person who bought the device.


4. Stoned Tone Preamp
Two-channel preamp on OP Amps (TL072). Soldano SLO (preamp section) emulation. A separate tone stacks was used for Normal and Overdrive channels.


I don't know if I can post photos of my rack projects in this thread? It won't be offtopic?


Quote from: alixxx on August 06, 2022, 04:49:08 AM
I don't know if I can post photos of my rack projects in this thread? It won't be offtopic?

I don't think anyone will die.  Go for it.

If it really troubles you, look for (or create) a "rack projects" thread.
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Quote from: bluebunny on August 06, 2022, 05:47:09 AM
I don't think anyone will die. 

I think so too. )))


Yes, add a "Rack Projects" topic.
I am currently working on one and hope to complete it (in a while).
Hope no one dies when they see it, but they might kick me in the bucket, lol.
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rutabaga bob

A pic request: am about to start a perf using the pots with 90-degree pcb-mount pins...on the component side.  I have never built with these, and have some doubts about clearance under the pot casing, which will be over some transistors.  (not my layout)  A close-up photo or two from you who have built this way would be appreciated.

EDIT: ah, never mind.  I guess I just snagged pots with too-short pins.  Will see what I can tweak to make it work.  Thinking of soldering wire extensions onto the pins, installing the pots first, running the extensions through the proper holes, then soldering all together.
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Rebote 2.5 build.
Probably the last of the big bread boxes.
Next I am going to build a stand to put all eight into.
The wine box lost it's flavor.
Then I might actually build a "Stomp Box".

When the DIY gets Weird, the Weird turn Pro.


One of my old crafts. Compact tube preamp, based on schematics Engl E530 (E650 circuit  mod). Only two channels - Lo Clean and Hi Lead (i didn't need other modes). An external transformer power supply providing filament voltage and anode voltage.


5. Mr. Ritchie tube preamp. Based on ENGL E650 (Ritchie Blackmore Signature). Two channels: Clean and Lead. Lead channel have 2 modes - Low Gain (Crunch) and High Gain. Options Bright fof Clean Channel and Bottom (more bass) for lead channel. Two tonestack modes - Open and Focused. FX Loop. It's all. 1U Rack format.


6. Brown Cat Preamp. Based on Friedman BE 100 (preamp section).


7. Small desktop tube preamp. Based on Soldano X88R (clean channel).


The wine box became small.
After finishing the last effect, Rebot 2.5,  I needed a custom cabinet to mount the eight effects I made while on this forum. Actually made seven or more novelty effects too.

I started decades ago with this:

Then after trouble shooting a EHX small muff I made the Fish Fuzz.

Having a stack of nice wood I decided to step up a notch and made a Big Muff Green Pi.
Completed it two years ago in July 2020. 
And that was the start of making those in this cabinet which I just finished Aug 2022.
Graduated from a few transitors to Jfets to one IC then to more than one IC to 16 pins +.
Cabinet is popular wood (easy to work with) some oak and maple strips.
20 x 13 x 7.25 inches

Becoming an effectaholic, help.
When the DIY gets Weird, the Weird turn Pro.


Quote from: Phend on August 30, 2022, 11:20:16 AM
Becoming an effectaholic, help.
You will certainly find no help for that here.

I always love seeing your builds, and that all-wood rack build is spectacular.
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We need more videos. ..
Got a loose connection on the Fuzz Light but here is a video showing that my wacky effects do "something"
When the DIY gets Weird, the Weird turn Pro.


Very cool looking. If the device on the right could have arcs of electricty rising up the metal poles that would be even better :)
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Hum, when I was a kid I made a VanDeGraph  (sp?) Generator from two soup cans, a hard plastic tube, wide rubber band, wooden rollers, metal collector screen and a small battery motor and solder. It worked, a thing of beauty.
When the DIY gets Weird, the Weird turn Pro.


Haven't posted anything for quite some time now. But this one I'd really like to share. It's a two times three pedal in an etched BB enclosure. Two similar channels, consisting of a tremolo (Vico Vibe) into a reverb (basically the datasheet of a BTDR-3, called 3Verb) into an overdrive (simple opamp based diode clipper, called "Lightspeed" in the boutique world).
One bypass footswitch and one that switches between the two "channels". I think that would be all I'd need besides a tuner - if I could relinquish the toys (like the Mel9 or the Attack Decay).
The boards are SMD for the most part, so there's not much to see inside. I thought I had to go with a relay solution for the switching, but my Dremel made the 3PDTs fit, so no headache there 😊

I even did a video (nothing extraordinary, because I cannot play any soli).

eh la bas ma

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Here is my last build, a simple effect loop box, allowing to engage or disengage as many effects as needed, anywhere in the signal chain, with a single move.

Probably the cheapest and easiest build among stompboxes, and yet so useful.

Salvaging garbage to make some music is always a pleasure.

The tin can has great reliability, outstanding sturdiness and a nice studio smell inside.

However, it's intended for home-use only.
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I finally got around to finishing my DC6FX / Carcharias FX Sagan Delay v2.1. This thing is a monster, it's absolutely amazing especially considering the size and cost compared to larger format delays. I had some issues with getting it running, the main one being in the last image you can see I had to jumper the base of Q4 to Q3, as it was working fine with a resistor bypassing the time control, but not with the transistor controlling the current. Not sure if I messed up a pad/trace or what, but it's good now, and you absolutely should follow the suggestion of the build guide and socket your transistors. I also highly recommend socketing and using D10, and I socketed R23 as well to adjust how quickly the feedback control and Slam switch run into oscillations (8.2k worked, YMMV). I also had a problem with the modulation, which ended up being an LED that had too high an on-voltage, so it was essentially a square wave all the time. Red LED did the trick though. I also used a stereo switched jack for the insert, as I've got a few Y cables and it felt easier than stuffing and wiring yet another jack in there. Not getting much impact from the trimmers, but I like where it's at anyway so I'm going to run with it for a while. Higher quality images here:

breaking more things than I'm building