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Connoisseur of Distortion, I agree with you that "some designs" are to used with care . I was affraid that Red Circuits were mistaken for one of those... ;)

I like discrete Red Circuits, an I wish he was doing more designs specially for guitar  ;D

rch427, I sent Red an email to know his feeling about using it on 9V, both because I don't have time to do it myself, and because he knows his circuits more than us...  We'll see.

Ok, the answer from Flavio (Red Circuits) about the 3V headphone amp is: "The main problem related to 9V operation of my Portable Headphone Amplifier is due to its Class A operation....the best solution could be to design a 9V Class B Headphone amp"

Sorry  :'(

The good news is that he also wrote: "I do not have a circuit of this kind at hand, but I could plan to design it in the next months. "

So the options would be to design one right now, or wait until he have time to come up with a new design.

Any takers?



Re: early discrete circuit effects
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