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2 x 12'' "XL" Cab
« on: October 15, 2005, 06:30:16 AM »
  As much as I like typing recommendations for 2x12 oversized cabs..
  I loaded one up with Greenbacks yesterday.
  33'' x 13.5'' x 16.5''
  After years of not following repeated recommendations to begin using a 2x12 cabinet, the day I did it also got together with 3 bands and jammed !!! Go Figure...
  Taking two of the drivers from a Marshall 4x12 vintage reissue cab, and installing them in the 'somewhat oversized' [see dimensions^] cab.
  First I noticed the cab resosnance is much greater, woody sound, this can be the cabinet and the speakers coils moving 'farther per watt'.
  Here's some differences in construction.
  The Marshall cab has more inside/outside ribbing [added wood strips here and there], has a 2''x2'' strut board from front to back, smaller air volume enclosed per speaker.
  The box is made from voidless 1/2'' plywood except the 3/4'' soundboard, which is set into dado slots in all sides ... it's from a phonograph console top...very flat, rigid, medium weight.
  Quite a different sound. Punch is greater, and the speakers seem to make alot of the that I mean that at the levels I'm trying to play, 1/2 the amount of speakers move Alot more, the 'get jumpin' easily.
  I think the volume and build of the cabinet are contributing greatly to the definition of the bass response, which has gained resonance, it's looser...[I'm choosing not to tighten it yet with possible 3/4'' top and bottom strips, I may try a front to back strut. It has yet to get very near that out of hand bass whOOOmph a 'too light 'n flimsy' cabinet gets].
  I used 'airy' plastic packing foam [1/8''], stapling it so air is between wood and insulating substrate around inside [all but soundboard], double layer on the back and top.
  The problem we have with the 4x12'' cab at these smaller venues is: "It is so loud, I can't Hear It"...patrons & clubowners say 'It's too loud', And on stage, standing say 5 or 6 feet in front of the cabinet sitting on the floor that is designed to be, and is very directional, I can't hear what it is REALLY doing unless I 'immerse' my ears in the waveforms by lowering them about 2'. I'm a tall 6'2'', and the sound 'scoots out' and around my legs, waving right across what is often a wood dance floor, bombarding anything in it's path, missing those who are off axis.
  Rare were the occasions I had a plywood topped pool table to set it on, the wheels don't lend to fascilitating standing it up on anything except two milk crates, and that on carpet is a little top heavy.
  Vox and Fender have solutions. Vox with the frame so the cabinet can be pointed in any direction, Fender with the Super Genius lean back arms.
  A tilted up amp stand I suppose is a bit much to ask for, I guess I'll have to make one.
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Re: 2 x 12'' "XL" Cab
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2005, 12:54:19 PM »
  A tilted up amp stand I suppose is a bit much to ask for, I guess I'll have to make one.
Stryper came through a few nights ago with their Mesa Boogie setups driving 2x12's.  They had the cabs on the floor in front of the drum riser, pointing up at a 45-degree angle.  Like monitors, except they were aimed at his back. Is that possible solution?  They were aimed above the audience and toward the guitarist's head.  I've nearly finished my second 2x12 (, so I'm trying to think of practical solutions too.

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