Headphone splitter; no amp

Started by Bernardduur, December 12, 2005, 06:53:57 PM

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OK. I've read the posts here and all really go to the headphone amp; I really need a simple solution to split one (already volume controlled) phones out into six or more phones out.

I know the simple splitter where a single line is split into two; I can go this way,  but I don't know if there is some signal degradation this way.

What is the easiest way?

Or is a amped version a better solution??????
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an amped version is definately the better way to go. Plus, build a volume control into all six taps and then you can have individual volume control for each set of headphones - which is pretty important IMO.

Splitting a signal six ways passively is no good! Heck, splitting it two ways is bad enough, especially if you use two sets of headphones with different impedances as one will sound louder than the other.
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