Sustainy-est Fuzz?

Started by Joe Kramer, December 10, 2005, 03:21:22 PM

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Joe Kramer

Well, here's a report:  I don't normally connect fuzzes in series, but on an earlier hunch, re-echoed by Mr. Hammer's "double clippers" post, I hooked two FF's together, both set to about the same level and fuzz, and it's exactly the sound I want.  Even at a very moderate volume (I can still hear the telephone ring), it hangs on and on, and chords are still remarkably distinct.  Both fuzzes are PNP, one has two "fake" NKT275's, and the other has a 2N5089 driving an AC188.  The dual germanium fuzz sounds best first in the signal chain--something about coils driving the germanium sounds sweeter to me.  It cleans up surprisingly well with the guitar volume turned down, but  the whole mess is a little noisy.  That may not pose a problem though, since I'll be too busy sustaining and feeding-back to notice.  :icon_biggrin:

Supa Tonebender: Are you guys talking about the Marshall Supa Fuzz found here:  ? (1/3rd of the way down the page)   Or are you referring to some other version?  I can see how this would certainly provides lots of compressy fuzz with that extra grounded-emitter input stage.  That looks like the way to go, or possibly some kind of double Fuzz Face.      Siamese Screamer?  Bipolar Disorder?  Double Trouble?  Bearded Hypocrite?


Solder first, ask questions later.

Arn C.

I was talking about the "Vox Suppa Tone Bender"

Arn C.

Joe Kramer

Found it on GGG--Thanks Arn!

Solder first, ask questions later.


Mine is the Colorsound Supa Tonebender.


  Sounds like you've figured this out...
  FF into FF is a serious FUZZ.
  That's fun too.
  Can be unruly  :icon_twisted:
  FF into FF...My Tonebenders sounded great, a couple times at least.
  I got the amp built and have been retrying all the Fuzz combos, GeFF> fine fuzz/ODBoost dept.
Convention creates following, following creates convention.


If I recall, the Colorsound Tonebender is a fuzzface with an extra stage.  Quite like 2 fuzzfaces with the first set to "mild".
Brett Robinson
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