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{{{{{ hunting high and low for MXR 'micro' schematics }}}}}
« on: January 09, 2006, 12:06:49 AM »
I have some R5106's which are just like the SAD512D's used in the MXR MicroChorus and MXR MicroFlanger. But I for the life of me cannot find any schematics anywhere. I can find schematics for the bigger ones just fine, but I want the little ones. DOD makdes a chorus and a flanger that used the SAD512D but they are not the same. And besides I use LM1894's for noise reduction not compandors...

I've looked at the pictures of their innards on Mode Zero and I can almost figure out what they did but the design really is very elegant considering how highly regarded they are (in spite of hiss...).

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