Author Topic: Do you own a ToneCore?  (Read 16349 times)

Mark Hammer

Re: Do you own a ToneCore?
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I strongly doubt that.  Makes no commercial sense.

Besides, no manufacturer with that much reputation to risk would want to have substandard or unreliable effects walking around parading in their trademark chassis.  Indeed, the very reason behind trademark law is to prevent others from producing inferior products whose resemblance to the trademark owner's product detracts from their reputation and consequently attractiveness to the consumer.

Although they (Line 6) are toying with the idea of having 3rd party modules available, I think you can safely bet that no license would be granted to anything that did not meet the standards they have set for the Tone Core line.  The reason why Jack, myself, Aron, and many others were asked to be beta-testers was to assure that there was no "mystery combination" of control settings that resulted in problems before the product's release.  This IS a pedal that uses software, after all, so there is always the possibility for bugs in the programming under exotic conditions.  We all received a note asking us to put the Liqui-Flange through some rather bizarre (at least to me) moves to verify whether a reported glitch was reproducable or not (wasn't in my case, anyways).  If you think a company that goes to that extent is going to permit just anyone to plunk a hasty piece of weekend coding into what is visibly THEIR pedal, and then trot it around town where others will get a quick peek and possibly interpret it as a formal Line 6 offering....think again.

So, nahh, my money says it ain't gonna happen anytime soon.