Author Topic: switch popping in Clone Theory's Chorus/Vibraflange switch. Possible to cure??  (Read 2018 times)

analog kid

I can't find anything relevant to this type of on/on switching with searching so can anyone help me with the very major popping in the switch that controls the Chorus/Vibrato to VibraFlange on the EH Clone Theory.
The popping is BIG and I was told that It was never intended to be switched while playing but I can't imagine this was inherent in the design with the original models (although this version seems to be an exact copy  ???)  Because so long as you're plugged in an the amp is turned up ,if you engage it  we're talking speaker thumping POP here!! 
 So I realize this type of switching is much different than runofthemill IN/OUT bypass switching  and that much more complex and probably voltage related signal is being dealt with here... but IF ANYONE has experience with this OR knows of a possible way to minimize the pop in this control I would be extremely happy to try it. Paul Nelson did a beautiful job on this clone layout and I would think if the pop here could be knocked out it would be a great compliment to it's performance.  ]
 It uses a DPDT with all but one lug used  but I DID use a 3PDT to have some play room for led or anything else (no way to work with resistors here in this case to pulldown the surge ??)
 thanks  , I'll link the layout IF he says it's ok or just input a search string for clone theory layout if someone wants to try and figure something out 
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the switch, if its like the univibe's chorus/vibrato switch, switches between mixing phased signal with dry or just pure phase signal. methinks.

no clue how it could pop.
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analog kid

No I don't think that how this one works , though I shouldn't say that since I can't turn around and explain to you how it DOES> but I have had it explained to me Im not smart enought to know exactly what it's doing by looking at it.
I'm sure it's doing something with the voltage connected to the LFO
Anyway I DID find a thread about the ROSS Phaser with the UNVIBE cap mods on it which sort of answered my question NOT TO MY LIKING  ,but giving me the feeling that w/o some really fancy cap store/charge controlling , It's just going to POP!  I had a hard time believing though that a mass market effect would have an inherent pop when being switched? maybe so , I  wish someone who owns one would tell me if they did this. If I could just soften it a little bit I would be happy! Im afraid If I was at hi vol. and did switch it that It would damage my speaker.
See the man with the stage fright, just standing up there to give it all his might..