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Gratitude to all who have come before me.
« on: February 12, 2006, 06:55:25 PM »
I just wnated to send a shout out to those who have made my building possible.  I just finished an overdrive wih a Jfet booster in the same box and all parts of these circuits were made possible by the DIY community on the web.
Th overdrive started as a Rog TUBE REAMER. I changed some values for my tastes and decided I needed a tone control. Big muff tone stack stuck in per suggestions in Arons mods and tips.  Then I needed to recover some gain so I used the Fet output form Jack and Arons shaka bradah.  Las was the second boost which is really just the DoD 201 which I found in the gallery here.  It sounds great and it was all possible thanks to the great guys who do this because they love it.
Many thanks to ROG, Aron, Jack Ormon, RG, Francisco Pena, Steve Daniels,JD Sleep, and all the forum members who don't mind answering that Noob question for the hundreth time.

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