Author Topic: Remote footswitching? channel changing for SS Amp  (Read 906 times)


Remote footswitching? channel changing for SS Amp
« on: February 15, 2006, 02:33:42 AM »
What are the basic options for remote footswitching, channel changing etc?

Had in mind building Anderton Fx's order switcher in to SS amp so the preamp section ( opamp and tone stack ) and pedals in an FX loop could be changed in order or either bypassed.
ie. instead of having to physically swap pedals out of the loop  to in front of the amp.

However then i'd have to mount a switch on the amp.... or send 4 cables out to a foot switch!

Had a look at The Tone God's site on switching though am not sure whether  there is anything simpler that might also work.

I was having trouble before with the FX loop  jacks but doh seems one was shonky .....


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