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Built report, ROG Flipster with 2 gain channel mod.
« on: February 17, 2006, 01:14:44 PM »
Hi folks!

Kudos to the ROG folks for a great bass preamp!

I built this for a friend who often plays venues where the sound guy makes you go directly into the mixer.

I made the gain pot footswitchable between two pots for a gain boost feature.

The sound is everything I could have wanted out of a bass preamp. The Stock EQ is great from piercing highs to chest throbbing lows. It gets really close to that recorded bass sound that is synonymous with Ampeg. The break up of the jfets is close enough, it can get really farty, but I am sure the amps could too. It nails the Nick Oliveri Kyuss/Qotsa bass sound that I have been striving to get.

It isnt the be all and end all of bass distortion, but it certainly has that pushed tube bass amp sound at high gain. I think this will sound great fed by a bass comp!

I used 4 J201's and biased the drains at 6.8v. I had to sub two 100K trim pots for 500K as the 100K trims were jumping from 0.3v to 9v with a tiny turn of the trimpot.

My cheapy little shitty solid state bass amp combo converted to head crapped out after being boosted too much.  :icon_twisted:

So I bought a chipamp IC and a partridge transfrmr with multiple secondaries so I am searching for a good solid state preamp.
I am going to build marty's bass amp emulation next and  do an emulation of a sunno))) tube bass amp. See which one I want to commit to sit on the top of my ported 1X15 vintage celestion loaded 100w homebrew bass cab.

I dont know If I will be able to choose and may put all three in there and make them footswitchable.  ;D

Anyway, if you have a bass gathering dust in the corner or your a full time four stringer you owe it to yourself to build the Flipster.

What are you waiting for?

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