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switchable transistors
« on: February 21, 2006, 05:57:56 PM »

I'm thinking about adding a switch so that I can choose another transistor without having to open the box up. I haven't actually built anything yet, I'm just playing around with ideas and see where I end up. However, I would like to get some input on what transistors to use. I guess many of you have tried changing the transistor, and I would like to know what you thought of the different types; which are your four favourites?

Thank you, all!!


Re: switchable transistors
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My favorite is the one I mentioned 2N2222 metal can.


Re: switchable transistors
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Thanks Aron!!

Another question; how much difference in sound does different transistors do? Will it be worth all my trouble adding switches and stuff? And can I leave the base of the transistors connected at all times (just switching the collector and emitter)? Will I need any kind of pull-down resistors to avoid pops when I switch, and where do I put them? ???

Just one questions left (at the moment); is the 2N2222 metal can a "special edition" of the 2N2222, or are they all metal cans?

Thanks a million!! :)


Re: switchable transistors
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I've never switched transistors. My hunch is that doing so might create a loud transient.... but I'm not sure. The 2N2222 come in "plastic" and metal can. I like the metal can versions but I guess I haven't tested the difference between the two a lot... but my foggy memory tells me the metal is better  ;)


Re: switchable transistors
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Hello Per,

You might be interested in this method to switch transistors by Dragonfly posted in the gallery:

I was lucky to get some old germanium NPN trannies (OC140) on ebay and have considered using them in the NPN-boost. It has been done with succes by others.



Khas Evets

Re: switchable transistors
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Which transistors to try depends on the circuit. I would focus on the hfe (gain) of the transistor.

The switching method above will work, and I would expect it to pop. Another alternative (which I've read here but haven't tried) is to use a DPDT switch and tie the emitters together (probably will also pop). Also, while the differences between trannies are subtile, they do make a difference. I would recommend using a toggle switch rather than a stomp, but it's up to you.


Re: switchable transistors
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Yeah, it's somehting like that I have in mind. I'm thinking of using a rotary though, three or four throws.

@Khas Evets
Is it better to tie emitters than bases? Is there any way to avoid pops?


Re: switchable transistors
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I used Dragonfly's tranny switching mod in mine.  Just hooked them up to either side of a DPDT toggle switch.  I switch between a 2222 and a 5088 with very little pop.  It's noticeable that you switched something, but not anything that's going to sound oout of the ordinary.



Re: switchable transistors
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there is minature 3pdt toggles you can use for this
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