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Hi, I know this sounds like just another stupid beginner question, but I have tried everything and still can't get my pedal to work.

So here it is, do the points on the schematic where grounding is marked need to be wired to both the ground pin on the input AND output jack? if not which one, or where. If someone can help me with just where wires should go to/from the ground spots on a schematic id really appreciate it!


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Most of the time the boards ground will connect to both the input and output jacks sleeve and then the negative terminal or the nine volt battery will connect to the ring on the input jack. This way the effect will only be on when there is a plug in the input jack

I think you can just wire the board ground to one jack and then wire the sleeves on both jacks together

Hope that helped

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here's how i hook up my effects.  it's inspired by R.G.'s effects wrappers on

there is only one wire to the board's ground and that goes to the ground lug on the output jack.  notice that there is no wire on the input jack's ground lug.

this works because i use metal switchcraft jacks that are not insulated from the aluminum enclosure.  so the grounds on both jacks are connected through the enclosure.  so it works just like DreamSeller says.

the ground on the board goes to the output jack ground lug because that is where ground is located, through your output cable and eventually to your (grounded) amp.

hope this helps!   :icon_biggrin:  layouts & eagle