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Ruby Abomination - Switching Question
« on: February 21, 2006, 10:08:20 PM »
Hi guys.
I'm still waiting for my parts from futurlec (project box, 6" speaker, pots, etc) to re-box my Ruby.  In the mean time, I've rebuilt little Ruby - this time with the bassman mods - nice.  I'd like to get nutty with the LM386 circuits and put the Grace AND Big Daddy in front of the Ruby (all at rog:  I got both Grace and Big Daddy circuits on the same small board (15x15 holes) and the Ruby is on an even smaller one (compact for the small project box).  If I power one effect at a time, can I share the effect pots (1 each 1k and 100k) between Grace and Big Daddy?

Any other thoughts/recommendations on this little adventure will be greatly appreciated.  If this turns out well, I'll post my switching scheme.  Should be a good little practice/headphone amp.