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Two switches for two effects+ muted output , can it be done.
« on: February 22, 2006, 04:14:37 PM »
I need your help please.
I am, currently doing a project for a guitarist and i have the following problem. I have two footswitches - one for a chorus effect the the other for a reverb effect. The two effects are then fed into one output that goes to in my case amp2. Now what i need is if both the effect switches are off, then it mutes the output. And when one of the effects is switched on it unmutes the output. I have thought of two ways to do this but the guitarist doesn't like either way. Option one is to have a mute switch after both the effect outputs are joined. Problem is this introduces another footswitch which he doesn't want. Option two is have footswitch one as a loop select (Important nb I DON'T need to have both effects on at once). And the other footswitch as a mute switch. Fine this would work and have two switches, but It would mean he would have to press the effect switch to select his effect then press the mute switch as well.
Which leads me back to my opening mission. I need it so that if one of the effects is selected it unmutes the output. Can this be done?
I tried the circuit shown below (block diagram - which uses the  normal pdf version AB Splitter circuit) But when i wired it all up it didn't work. Can anyone tell me if my theories right please?

Cheers in advance, but I am certainly stumped on how to do it.