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DSP Resources
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This thread is here to contain links to DSP Resources
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Re: DSP Resources
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Wavefront Semiconductor:

Wavefront Home Page:

Axoris Miss Parker Project:

more to come...
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Re: DSP Resources
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2006, 02:42:12 AM » (Julius Smith - CCRMA smartypants) (more Julius, specific to audio effects) (Miller Puckette, creator of MAX and Pd) (Supercollider 3 source code - excellent clean code for various audio DSP effects, although you will have some translating to do if you want to work with fixed point, or on systems where processing vectors of samples is problematic) (code repository of Music DSP mailing list. Not as reliable as above, simply because all levels of skills can contribulte, but there is some good stuff here)


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Not so much a resource, but it's fun to play around with...



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hope to see more on this, looks promising. a homebrew development platform for the Wavefront DSP's

Oh, and if anyone else is brave enough to tackle the Axoris Miss Parker project: I found a source for the obsolete Cypress AN2135sc USB Microcontroller. German site, good service.


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A nice book that can be downloaded as PDF-files:

It's not audio oriented, but the stuff can be aplied to audio stuff too. I haven't read it through yet (I'm somewhere around chapter 10), but it seems quite nice. It explains the basic concepts so that they are quite easy to understand.


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A very good book about digital audio effects; with matlab examples:

DAFX: Digital Audio Effects - Udo Zölzer


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On the Analog Devices website, there are a lot of articles. It's a bit hard to find what is interesting because there are a lot of articles, it's such a mess!

There is this article based on the ADSP21065L for example:
And there are the asm files described in the article:

These links are broken, but I could find one of them somewhere else:
It contains useful examples of typical effects coding (chorus, delay, filters, etc...)


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Any good info on Xillinx chips? I know the IDE is expensive, I think.


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had a look at the wavefront products, but it looks like they are disappearing off the market. Shame, they look pretty good...




Proceedings of DAFX Conference Free Download
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This thread is here to contain links to DSP Resources

Here I add DAFX conference proceedings, for almost all years from 1998 to 2021. Thousands  pages of papers containing all about digital audio effects, most all of them is free to download. Here is the link: