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Peter Snowberg:
This thread is here to contain links to Microcontroller Resources

The Tone God:
Atmel's AVR Product Site

Contains information, datasheets, app notes, device overviews, tools, software, code examples, etc.

Atmel's Beta Software Site

Patches, service packs, plugins, and beta software.

AVR Freaks

The "Aron's" of AVR. An excellent forum. Also has a wealth of information on devices, tools, app notes, projects, software, and hardware.


The GNU GCC Compiler and other tools for AVR pre-built for windows users.

More to come.


The PIC has a built-in problem. It was the first easily programmed uController with onboard I/O and memory. When it became available it... exploded. The problem is figuring out where to start. There is so much already available on PICs that the profusion of possibilities are bewildering. I did some poking around for good places to pick up stuff free.  - the mother lode. Start here. - Beginner’s checklist for the PIC. - the list of a zillion programmers for PICs, some using essentially no parts (i.e. the No Parts Programmer). - the mother load of pre-written programming subroutines to do essentially whatever you want. String together like pearls.
A good sample of the languages available for the PIC. Notice: PIC microcontroller BASIC languages for the PIC. Note especially
which is a …free… optimizing, structured Basic compiler, includes source level debugging when used with the XCSIM simulator.
All the C/C++ languages available for the PIC, some of which are free as well.
Also there is, which is a library of preprogrammed routines for the PIC written in C.

Start looking there. If there is something you get confused about, ask.

I've had a difficult time finding a starting point for AVR assembler, especially compared to PIC's. 

Here are a couple:
(This one is in German and English, though the English can be a little tough to follow)

Peter Snowberg:
For an introduction to the nuts and bolts, be sure to read the articles at The Tone God's Domain.


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