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This is a really old thread; but with the arrival of the switch matrix loopers like the Boss ES-8 I've seen a lot of people wanting to DIY an effect order switcher, so I think a bump is welcome ;)

@Chuck, did you add return buffers to your design? IIUC; the MT88xx chips like low impedance signals (600R) for improved crosstalk prevention.

The AD75019 chip I'm experimenting with likes the Rin to be < 600R.
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Re: PROJECT: Crossbar
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I have a project on my bench at the moment. Using an arduino and an MT8816 chip... I'm still in the phase of getting the software to do what I need. I'm a lazy guy so I'm going after a minimal component count, so no buffers at the moment, just the minimum to make it work. When I  have something working I will see if I need them.

I will keep you posted if I reach somewhere.