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Millenium Bypass - LED stays on
« on: March 21, 2006, 11:35:20 AM »
Hello everyone,
I know this subject has been discussed several times but all the posted solutions didn't work for me.
I recently built a Mig Muff Pedal with a DPDT switch and the Millenium 2 Bypass. The effect works fine and it does switch on and off when I use the switch, but the LED stays always on. It doesn't even flicker or anything - it just stays on.
I built the Millenium 2 Bypass with a BS170 MOSFET and I used a 1N914 diode for the high leakage. I didn't include a low leakage diode.
At first the LED's light was very very dim (with a 820 ohm resistor). Then I read that the most common error is that MOSFET is put in wrong. So I unsoldered and put it in backwards. Now the LED glims very bright (just like putting it directly with a resistor on the battery), but it doesn't turn off neither. I'm a little out of ideas here. Could this error be caused by a fried BS170, or wouldn't the LED work then?
Yesterday I spent two hours reading articles concerning the Millenium Bypass (and everything because I'm too greedy to buy a 3PDT switch), I hope you guys can help...
Thanks in advance