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Runoffgroove Big Daddy probs.
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Hello all.
     I first built the Big Daddy about a year ago, and really dig the distortion it makes.  However, that build was plagued with a problem, so I recently breadboarded another one, but the problem is still there, in the new one.  Heres the deal:
     The distortion works and sounds great.  However, when I let the notes ring for a while (like at the end of a song), the distortion cuts in and out.  The clean signal remains when the distortion cuts out.
     When I first built this project a year ago, I originally thought there might be a bias issue with the JFET.  But when I bypass the JFET and use just the 386 chip (a la the Smash Drive), I notice the same thing happening.  Its much harder to hear without the JFET driving the chip, but definately there.
     I wonder if this is a common problem or if my chips are just crappy.  I bought mine at Radio Shack some time last year.  All of the chips I bought, 3 in total, exhibit this problem.  One of them is especially noticable.
     So, Big Daddy builders, do you have this problem?  And if not, where did you get your chips from?
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Re: Runoffgroove Big Daddy probs.
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Re: Runoffgroove Big Daddy probs.
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I just built an overdrive based on the Smash Drive and added the JFET buffer from the Grace Overdrive. I tried the Big Daddy circuit, but didn't care for the sound. You might try the Grace circuit instead. It sounds great and I've had none of the issues you describe. I am used a JRC 386D. Does the 386 data sheet show any versions of the chip with different specs? (I don't have the data sheet handy.)
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Re: Runoffgroove Big Daddy probs.
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386 chips come in various versions..try different versions (1,2,3,4)
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Re: Runoffgroove Big Daddy probs.
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bought your parts at radio shack? Most likely then that your 386 chip is an LM386-1 or LM386-4 (the only two 386's I can find at radio shack). Maybe you need a JRC386, the LM is prone to some oscillation problems I think. Maybe try a 10 ohm resistor in series with a .047uf cap to ground from the positive side of your output capacitor (from 386 pin 5). Might help it a little bit though I am not entirely sure. best of luck!
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