Newbie Looking for a single delay effect.

Started by simon111, March 18, 2006, 04:42:42 PM

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Could any of you guys point me towards a schematic for a single delay pedal. I.e Where you play and nothing is heard then the sound appears. With no other repeats.
Is anything like available in schematic form, I have used an RV-3 (the boss reverb pedal which does have a delay setting that does just this).



You can build rebote delay, it has Repeats pot so you can set number of repeats from 1 to many
The new version of DIY Layout Creator is out, check it out here

Mark Hammer


I am looking at around 1800ms.
Could I use two rebotes in series? Would this work?

Mark Hammer

The max delay out of a single commercially available DIY-able delay chip is 800ms.  You CAN cascade a pair of them, but the dual resampling and filtering will degrade signal quality, or at the very least require you to accept a delay sound with very limited bandwidth (think in the range of 1-2khz).  Personally, I'd be skittish about  cascading 3 of them.  Feasible?  Yes.  Advisable?    Not so much.

Are you guessing at 1800msec or do you know this is what you need?