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[VERO] Tubescreamer - Footswitchable Boost Mod
« on: April 12, 2006, 07:24:21 PM »
Built the Tubescreamer using the vero layout by Trochy. Checking against the Screamer+ schematic from John Greene you can add a Boost pot & footswitch like this. The two wires to the boost board from the main TS board are the ones labelled Drive-2 and Drive-1 on the bottom left of Torchy's layout

Apologies if this has been shown before ...


To make this a complete Screamer+,

1. Pin 2 of the chip goes to a 47nF cap. Change it to 100nF.
2. The 4k7 resistor connected to the cap is changed to a 3k3, and the top leg moved one strip down to ground (from Vb).
3. Change the input cap from 22nF to 100nF.